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How to change your life – for a happier you!

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Change is something that has interested me for a long time. As human beings it is really hard to change. We develop patterns of behaving, reacting and feeling and once established, these patterns are hard to alter.

I believe one of the reasons for this difficulty, is that what is known and familiar is comfortable even if we don’t want to be that way because it’s not good for our own growth and happiness.

What I have often observed when working with clients is that changing patterns of behaviour leads to anxiety – the question is often “If I’m not the same as I am now, what will I be like? What will people think of the new me? Will they like me?”

Once anxiety kicks in, it’s tempting to revert to the old, known way of being. (more…)

Starting my blog – March 2013

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What do I want to write about in my blog?

I plan to write articles about the issues I believe are relevant to people, whoever they are, to address life difficulties and to live the best life they can. I might simply write brief comments on occasion.

I wrote my book ‘The Longest Journey: finding the true self’, published in 2012, because through my counselling practice I became aware that so many people struggle with difficult feelings and suppressed emotions, and I wanted to highlight the need in our society for people to get help. I think everyone needs help at certain stages in life. It doesn’t mean they are mentally ill. I wanted to illustrate the way people can change their lives; we do not need to live miserable lives.

There are some issues I feel strongly about, (more…)