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Starting my blog – March 2013

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What do I want to write about in my blog?

I plan to write articles about the issues I believe are relevant to people, whoever they are, to address life difficulties and to live the best life they can. I might simply write brief comments on occasion.

I wrote my book ‘The Longest Journey: finding the true self’, published in 2012, because through my counselling practice I became aware that so many people struggle with difficult feelings and suppressed emotions, and I wanted to highlight the need in our society for people to get help. I think everyone needs help at certain stages in life. It doesn’t mean they are mentally ill. I wanted to illustrate the way people can change their lives; we do not need to live miserable lives.

There are some issues I feel strongly about, such as sexual abuse and the need for victims to find the right help and to learn to value themselves. I am also passionate about helping young people before they marry and have children and pass on negative patterns. These are some topics I will be writing about.

I hope to get some feedback and comments – I have been delighted by the emails I’ve received in relation to my book. The fact that it has touched many people who needed some kind of lifeline is extremely rewarding. I like to know something about my readers.

And that is my first post!


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