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I grew up in England and came to Australia in my early twenties. It was a huge shock initially because I had been living in London (in the swinging 60’s) and Melbourne at that time was a very conservative city. I missed everything about England, particularly my family. The Australian vegetation seemed totally alien. Where were the oak trees, the roses and rhododendrons? 


Fast forward many decades and now I see extraordinary beauty in the Australian landscape. I’m fortunate to have retired to a small coastal village just ten minutes walk from the ocean and bay beaches. That would never have happened in England. I’ve learnt to love the native trees that grow in our garden and to care for them. No one has to water trees in England!


I studied part-time while I was working and completed an Arts Degree and Diploma of Education. I taught languages for eight years, and while I enjoyed the actual teaching, I decided to change career once more and studied family therapy and relationship counselling. Writing my book, The Longest Journey, followed on from many years of counselling people who wanted to change their lives.


My main passion nowadays is photography. Looking back I have always loved taking photos, (I was given my first camera when I was 9), but it’s only since retiring from my work as a counsellor that I’ve had the time to devote to my passion. Photography gets me out in nature and travelling to beautiful places.

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